At Pittsburgh Veterinary Rehabilitation, we use proven rehabilitation techniques to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Using the muscles and joints as soon as possible after surgery is imperative to prevent joints from becoming too stiff and muscle atrophy from setting in. In addition, treating your dog or cat quickly after the diagnosis of a medical condition or leg injury can help to prevent further injuries, due to balance issues or even weight issues.

Dr. Wade and her staff will work closely with you in our office as well as provide you with in-home exercises you can do to help improve your pet’s quality of life. Rehabilitation always starts with an in-depth consultation, where we evaluate not only your animal’s physiology and set goals for treatment, but also tailor a plan that fits your schedule.

Physical Conditioning

Active, athletic and working dogs put a lot of strain on their bodies when they help us. We can help them stay healthy and happy by ensuring they are physically ready for the demands we place on them. Whether they are show, hunting, field-working, law enforcement or rescue dogs, a physically fit and healthy dog will perform their best.

At Pittsburgh Veterinary Rehabilitation, we offer quality conditioning for dogs that may be prone to medical problems, such as neurological disorders. Dogs with arthritis can also benefit from rehabilitation, improving their ability to get around, reducing their pain, and potentially decreasing the medications they are taking.

Nutrition also plays a big role in the health of your animal. That’s why we offer individualized weight-loss programs for dogs and cats, including nutritional counseling and conditioning.